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Are we not spirits that are shaped into a body ; and that fade away again into air and invisibility ? oh heaven, it is mysterious, it is awful to consider that we not only carry a future ghost within us ; but are, in very deed, ghosts !
Thomas Carlyle,Sartor Resartus : Natural Supernaturalism

Apparition , the supernormal appearance of a dead person or animal, or of a living person too distant to be within the normal perception of the observer,apparitions are quite uncommon and are rarely seen more than once,apparitons of the dead which are seen repeatedly over a period of time and which aparently haunt the same location are commonly known as ghosts,most recorded cases or reports of apparitions are more likely to be associated with the living (Doppelganger) than of a dead person or animal,few sightings are visual,most however involve the sensing of a presence sometimes accompanied by touch, hearing strange noises,perhaps thumps,rappings, moanings and smells of unexplainable odors.

Some apparitions can seem quite normal and solid in appearance to the observer others see faint images,blobs,streaks or patches of light, including vortex's a new theory suggest that orbs seen by the observer are now frequently reported as apparitions these are normally solid in shape of white appearance and will appear and disappear just as suddenly as an apparition,strange how these only seem to appear on photographs taken with digital cameras and rarely on 35mm film.
Bogey , Also referred to as the bogey man in british folklore,these are classed as horrible or evil spirits which love to be mischievious,sometimes they are synonymous with the devil,usually the bogey is big and nasty and will normally scare small children,years ago the threat of calling upon the bogey-man was used by parents to frighten children into good behaviour.
Doppelganger ,Doppelgangers (Doubles) are normally the ghosts of living people or animals that are exact duplicates including dress,this could possibly be a projected out of body experience either consciously or unconsciously or a death omen,typically "double-goers" are seen by others in distant locations just as the individual in question is about to die or has died.
Ekimmu ,The evil ghost of an individual who is denied entrance to the underworld and is doomed to walk the earth for eternity, (Ekimmu) means "that which is snatched away",one could become an ekimmu by dying a violent death such as murder, drowning,or any other unsavory death,the ekimmu is very difficult to eradicate (exorcise), it is greatly feared and can sometimes attach itself to any living person regardless of whether that person had been acquainted with the dead one or not.
Ghost ,The most popular term used to discribe paranormal oddities parapsychologists prefer to call ghosts apparitions,ghosts may be visible though only a small percentage are seen,generally ghosts make there presence known through mysterious smells,noises,cold breezes and movement of objects,these are animus or disembodied souls,contrary to popular belief most ghosts are seen in structured houses and not in graveyards.
Poltergeist ,Polter,german word meaning to knock,Geist ( Gist )meaning ghost (knock ghost),these disembodied souls make there presence known by being malevolent and mischievous, they are characterized by moving objects and generally cause physical disturbances, including stone throwing,objects levitating,terrible smells,raps,physical and sexual assaults,shrieks,bitings,spitting, pinchings, being punched,repeatedly dialled numbers on telephones,and moving furniture,sometimes the shutting of doors and opening of windows plus the materialization of apparitions occuring frequently,poltergeist activity usually starts and stops as suddenly as it begins,lasting from a few hours to years but will rarely last longer than a few months,in modern times poltergeists are widely believed to be a voluntary or unconscious type of psychokinesis (PK) on the part of the living or so called agent.
Phan'tasm,Vision of absent person;illusion-Phantasmagoria-crowd of dim or unreal figures,also a device used for ghost-making as a popular entertainment in the 18th century developed by E.G.Robertson around the 1790's for projecting convincing figures before an audience.
Phantom,Meaning Apparition,spectre,ghost,fancied visions
This is by no means a complete classification of every type of ghost,there are too many to list,if you are looking for information on a specific type of ghost and can't find it here then please feel free to E-mail me and i will send the appropriate information that you require,also ghosts-uk are happy to help with any aspect of an investigation should you require it.

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